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Services: Short Doc+Impact Strategy (setting up of charity organisation in Brazil)

Mona became the first black woman with a disability to perform in one of the oldest - and most prestigious - theatres in Brazil, the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo. Founded over 100 years ago, it can be said - especially in a country whose population is over 50% from African origins -,  that the opportunity for a black person with a disability to perform in the theatre came extremely late. 

I documented Mona's routine with a camera and a microphone over the course of two weeks. I was fully immersed in her life; the repercussion of the documentary was astonishing. Mona has spoken in a number tv stations in Brazil, performed in three other theatres in the city, and gained representation from an agency that represents artists with a disability. 

This mini-documentary project gave birth to my very first impact project. Through the documentary, and its impact stategy, we've been able to fund Mona's career as an artists and help galvanise the potential of other artists with disabilities in Brazil. 


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