From 2010, thousands of Haitians left their country in search of a better life in Brazil. We headed to the streets of Glicério, an extremely low-income neighbourhood in São Paulo, to photograph and interview 40 Haitians, to hear about their outlook in the metropolis. Haitian Faces is a project created to connect the Haitian culture with the city of São Paulo. The Haitian migrants are now part of the mixed; hardwired rich culture of Brazil.  The documentary project is forever-evolving - with the ultimate goal of understanding the cultural transformation that is felt in the centre of the city over a long stretch of time. 

The project was developed in the epicentre of their migration to the city: in the Glicério neighbourhood. An exhibition and talk sessions took place at UNIBES Cultural, in São Paulo, in December, 2017, till February 2018.

Find out more at: http://unibescultural.org.br/calendario/unibes-cultural-imigrantes-lucca-messer-fotografo-rostos-haitianos-glicerio-isolamento-cultural/


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